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I was born in Swords, North County Dublin. I got a guitar when I was 9 and started doing local talent shows at age 11 with my brother and other friends. I started writing songs for the band straight away.

Throughout my teens I played in different bands, playing electric guitar stuff like Thin Lizzy, Yes , Guns and Roses and Nirvana. We would write songs and record them on a 4-track.  At 20 I went to China and travelled from Beijing to Hong Kong with a close friend, writing songs together and making CD demos. We played shows in Hong Kong as an acoustic Duo.

After the trip, I quit my full time job of five years as a Chef. I moved to Melbourne, with the aim of writing songs with a guitarist from a past band. After landing we began writing and making demos. We didn’t have any intention of getting jobs, so busking became our sole income.

We formed a band in Brisbane, where we held regular gigs at hostels and pubs in the city.  We left Brisbane as a three piece folk band; two guitars a banjo. We all sang and wrote songs. We had a tent each and a hop on hop off style ticket to Melbourne. Starting in Baryon Bay, we stopped into every town we could along the way to busk and camp.

Shortly after a tragic death of one of our close friends, the band split up and we returned to Dublin.

After a couple of months, I flew back to Melbourne to busk, gig and write. With my guitar and a small amp, I hitchhiked around the East coast and regularly busked on Burke St. in Melbourne, singing Van Morrison, Bob Dylan, Neil Young and Rory Gallaghar.  While still in Australia, a friend called offering a free place to stay in Hong Kong. I lived there for almost a year, playing shows in local blues bars and busking the chaotic city centre. I also got a few gigs performing at colleges and bigger clubs in the city. I arrived in London at 23 and moved into a room in Whitechapel.
I played local bars in the area, and busked by the Tate modern or Soho and Shoreditch at night, I also worked on a music boat in Camden town. 

While busking in Soho, I met a singer named Dave Burn from a folk group (AHAB). He introduced me to Grahame Rolfe. We started recording and writing demos in his house Near Crawley. Around this same time, a Swiss Rock band Dirty Sound Magnet had come to England to find a new singer. They met me busking and asked me to come to their hometown to audition for the band. 

I joined a car-full of musicians who were going to Malaga, busking along the way. We started in Amsterdam, played jam nights for drinks and slept in the car. Then we drove through Kohn and Hamburg doing much the same thing. We were on the road together for four months, before we parted ways. I hitched a ride to the Black Forest, where I skipped a train to Bern. 

In Switzerland I played solo shows in local clubs and bars, while living and rehearsing with the group. After passing the audition with the band, we played shows around the country in different bars and venues. I loved the guys but my lack of French and a want to perform my own songs made me leave DSM.

I left Switzerland and returned to London where I sang in a 3 piece Rock band. We rolled around large guitar amps and small drum kits, mainly busking Oxford St and Piccadilly Circus. We played stuff like Jimi Hendrix, Pink Flyod and The Beatles.

I moved back to Dublin and began working on a project with some Swords lads. We got together a set list of songs that I had written and played shows in Whelans and Sin É. We were a band of singer songwriters. We decided to split and pursue solo projects. I then decided to move to Hanoi, Vietnam.

In Hanoi I played many local shows in bars and clubs, motorcycle open days, charity events, restaurant gigs and even solo ticketed events. I came back to Dublin in 2017 and got in contact with Grahame in the UK. We decided to record a full 5-track EP.

I remember sending him six or seven of my best tunes and we worked on a few of those, pulled up a few demos from the past and I wrote some new ones whilst we were working on the record. 

After many flights, drinks, re-writes and good times we have an EP that I’m very proud of.

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